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Our Founder's Journey

Meet Abigail Richard, the driving force behind arickard. With a rich background in HR, recruitment, and payroll, Abigail has honed her expertise across various industries, including iGaming, technology, manufacturing, and hospitality, with a special fondness for the iGaming industry. Her journey in this vibrant sector has seen her successfully recruit around 21 top talents, reflecting her keen eye for exceptional individuals.

Our Inspiration

At arickard, our genesis was fueled by a passion for revolutionizing the recruitment landscape. Founded by Abigail Richard, we are driven by a vision that transcends mere position filling. Our core aim is to forge meaningful connections, seamlessly aligning talent with opportunity. We believe in the power of impactful placements that benefit both our clients and candidates, creating a harmonious professional ecosystem.

What sets us apart

What distinguishes arickard in the competitive world of recruitment is our bespoke approach. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate fluidly into our clients' unique processes, understanding their distinct needs and cultures. This tailored method ensures a focus on quality over quantity, fostering deeper, more sustainable professional relationships. Our commitment is to offer an enriching experience to both employers and job seekers, setting a new standard in recruitment excellence.


Continuously evolving to stay ahead in dynamic industries.


Ensuring the utmost privacy and trust in every interaction


Empowering both clients and candidates to achieve their full potential.

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